As landowners ourselves,we understand the challenges of owning a farm. As farmers, we also understand how the business of agriculture is an ever-changing profession. In today’s world, there is more to think about than just putting a seed in the ground. As a modern farm operation, we face many challenges including volatility of input prices and grain markets.

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Lafayette, Indiana


Our goal is to minimize risk by ensuring top yields and maximize revenue potential by strategic market planning and observation. We use Variable Rate Technology to spread our fertilizer, lime, and chemicals as well as Global Positioning Satellites and Auto-Trac Technology to ensure consistency and reduce fuel and seed costs. Agriculture touches everyone from clothing and food to fuel.

Gilbert Farms is a family owned and operated grain-farming business. We strive to achieve maximum productivity by utilizing current farming technology with a focus on the potential of the land. Gilbert Farms is focused on maintaining good stewardship of the land we farm, while striving to implement the best farm management practices to achieve maximum yields, therefore allowing for future expansion of our operation. Gilbert Farms is a green farm, with a commitment to re-use or recycle waste materials it produces in daily operations.

Gilbert Farms is a modern-day grain-farming operation. Our primary focus is maintaining a continuous corn operation. Continuous corn allows for maximum profitability and revenues, which increases our capabilities to offer landowners competitive cash rents.
Gilbert Farms owns over 65% of the land we farm which uniquely positions us to ensure stability within our operation.